January, 2018

Dr. Sam Galstan and other members of the Virginia Dental Association as well as VCU Dental students visited with Speaker of the House Kirk Cox at the VDA’s annual Legislative Day on the Hill, lobbying for better dental care for all Virginians.  Drs. Galstan and Ward have been lobbying for better dental care for all Virginians since 1990.

(Photo courtesy of Speaker of the House Kirk Cox.)

November, 2017

Drs. Galstan & Ward recently attended the Virginia Oral Health Coalition Summit in Richmond, VA.

Pictured with Drs. Ward & Galstan is Mary Otto, keynote speaker at the summit and author of the book:
“Teeth”: The Story of Beauty, Inequality, and the Struggle for Oral Health in America”.

The summit involved multiple shareholders and stakeholders working towards better oral health care for all Virginians. Drs. Galstan and Ward have been actively working on this since the early 1990’s.


Drs. Galstan and Ward Inducted Into The American College of Dentists

Drs. Galstan and Ward were recently inducted into the American College of Dentists (ACD), the oldest major honorary organization for dentists.

The ACD’s mission is to advance excellenceethicsprofessionalism, and leadership in dentistry.

ACD members have exemplified excellence through outstanding leadership and exceptional contributions to dentistry and society. In response to serious problems facing the profession, the American College of Dentists was founded August 20, 1920, by the then leaders of dentistry to elevate the standards of dentistry, to encourage graduate study, and to grant Fellowship to those who have done meritorious work. The American College of Dentists is nonprofit and apolitical, and has long been regarded as the “conscience of dentistry.”

The ACD has played a vital role in positively shaping the profession. The College is currently involved in a wide range of activities, nationally and locally, to accomplish its mission. These efforts include ethics summits, online courses in dental ethics, the Professional Ethics Initiative, an entry level ethics course, online leadership courses, leadership symposia, a multimedia dental history resource, resource materials for dental schools, a variety of award programs, and more.

Dr. Galstan Supports The Local Y

Dr. Galstan, his family, and office have been long term supporters of the local Y.  “Galstan & Ward Family Dentistry are firm believers in total health.  A healthy mouth is part of a healthy body!” Dr. Galstan has regularly worked out at the local Y since the early 1990’s and is a former board member. The YMCA is a community of men, women, and children committed to bringing about lasting personal and social change.

October, 2017

Drs. Galstan and Ward recently attended a Virginia Dental Association Officers and Board of Directors Leadership retreat, which was facilitated by the Executive Director of the American Dental Association, Dr. Kathleen O’Loughlin.  The Virginia Dental Association is a non-profit organization serving more than 3,500 dentists, and has been in existence for more than 145 years, serving as a trusted resource for Virginia dentists and patients.

Rotary presentation of $1,000 check to BSA Troop 819

Dr. Sam Galstan of the Chester Rotary Club and Charter Organization Representative for St. John’s Episcopal Church, presented the Boy Scouts of America Troop 819, Chester, VA a check for $ 1,000 on 10/9/17.  The Chester Rotary Club and Troop 819 have had an ongoing collaboration for more than 30 years.

Drs. Galstan & Ward at the Homestead


Drs. Galstan and Ward recently attended the Virginia Dental Association’s Annual meeting in September, 2017 at the Homestead in Bath County, VA.  Dr. Galstan was elected as President-Elect of the Virginia Dental Association, and Dr. Ward was elected as Director from the Southside Dental Society.

The VDA is a non-profit organization that has more than 3,500 members committed to enhancing the profession of dentistry and is over 145 years old. The Annual VDA meeting is for leadership and continuing education.